MU Emergency Alert System Overview

What Students, Faculty, Staff and Parents Need to Know

MU’s emergency notification system is composed of various communication tools that are used during emergencies and dangerous situations that threaten the health and safety of the campus community.

Every alert tool used by the university includes a recommended action for you to take. Please, follow those recommendations and only call the University of Missouri Police Department to report injuries or additional emergencies. Dispatchers must be free to respond to other health and safety emergencies and to obtain additional information concerning the unfolding emergency. You will receive follow-up MU Alerts until an All Clear has been issued.

Faculty, staff, students and parents are encouraged to register to receive emergency notifications. You may opt in or out of the various communication tools, such as text messages, so that you receive information in the way you prefer.

Remember, university officials are very judicious when choosing to alert the campus community.

Here is a brief synopsis of the communication tools used by MU’s emergency notification system:

  • Emails are sent to the entire campus community to alert faculty, staff and students of situations that might threaten their safety. Examples include personal safety warnings, severe weather, violent crimes and Crime Notifications, which are crimes that have already occurred and no longer pose an imminent threat to campus. Emails are sent to all active campus email accounts.
  • Text messages are sent to everyone who has registered to receive them during an immediate dangers that pose an immiment threat to campus. Examples include criminal acts on or near campus and weather-related emergencies.
  • Computer desktop notifications will appear on MU-owned computers and will only be used during the most imminent threats to campus such as tornadoes and active shooter events and during tests of the system.
  • Beacon alerts are the yellow alert boxes located inside hundreds of buildings across campus, which are activated only during the most imminent threats to campus such as tornadoes and active shooter events and during tests of the system.
  • MU Alert website and the MU News Bureau are the only official sources of information or verification for the public and the news media. Please do not use information from other websites or social media accounts because it cannot be verified.

Social media (Twitter and Facebook)

The following official social media accounts will be updated as soon as information can be verified and will be monitored during an emergency situation. False and/or incorrect information posted by other users will be corrected by university staff during an emergency. Posts that constitute criminal acts, such as knowingly posting false information, will be reported to law enforcement.

Updated April 23, 2018