Canceling Classes & Suspending Operations Due to Inclement Weather

Whenever possible, the University of Missouri and the UM System will stay open for business and instructional activities during inclement weather, and employees and students are expected to exercise judgement when deciding if they can travel safely to campus during inclement weather. Several campus departments and health facilities have been deemed essential to operations and will post their availability during inclement weather either on social media or websites. Only the chancellor (or, in the chancellor’s absence, the provost) has the authority to cancel classes.

Announcement Regarding Changes in Operations

The campus community will be notified of a closure due to inclement weather through:

  • MU Alert emergency message (text and/or email)
  • University web pages, including the MU home page, MU Alert website, social media sites and the MU News Bureau
  • Local media outlets

Procedures to Follow During Severe Weather

The university recognizes that severe weather could affect an employee’s ability to travel to and from work. Time missed due to inability to travel to work, late arrival or early departure because of inclement weather will be accounted for in accordance with the procedures below.

Full-time Permanent Employees

When employees are delayed or prevented from reporting to work, they should make every reasonable effort to notify their supervisor/work site as soon as possible in accordance with department procedure.

If employees are delayed, absent or leaving early under this policy, they must account for the time missed, with the approval of their supervisor, by one of the following methods:

  • Accrued vacation leave
  • Accrued personal days
  • Adjusted work schedule (wherever applicable) in the same work week

Note: Due to various factors, an adjusted work schedule might not be an available alternative in all situations.

Probationary, Part-time or Temporary Employees

Probationary employees cannot use accrued vacation during their first six months of service. To account for time missed, a probationary employee can use an accrued personal day (in accordance with UM Personnel Policy Manual section PE 504), adjust their work schedule or take leave without pay.

Part-time or temporary employees do not accrue vacation or personal days. To account for time missed, a part-time or temporary employee can adjust their work schedule or take leave without pay.

Note: Due to various factors, adjustments to an employee’s work schedule might not be an available alternative in all situations. Any adjustments to work schedules require supervisory approval.

Possible schedule changes due to inclement weather

  • Delayed start: Because classes start at many different times, only those classes that have start times after campus opens will be in session that day. For example, if campus opening is delayed until 9:30, a class that starts at 9 will not be in session, but a class that starts at 9:30 will be in session. Faculty will not expect students to come to class earlier than the opening time; however, they may communicate with students about work that can be done outside of class.
  • Early closing: A time will be announced for the closure, and all non-essential campus activities will be expected to stop at that time. Faculty may decide to start a class if it typically extends beyond the closing time; however, students will be dismissed at the closing time. For example, if officials close the campus at 3 p.m., a class that runs from 2:30 – 4 will be over at 3 p.m. Faculty may not hold students later than the closing time. In the event of an early closing, all evening classes will be canceled.
  • Limited Closure/Classes canceled: There might be times when classes are canceled, but other parts of MU remain open. Evening classes will be canceled. In those instances, faculty and staff will be expected to report to work for their regular shifts.
  • Campus Closure/Closing campus and canceling classes: MU campus and UM System offices will be closed for the day, and all day and evening classes will be canceled. Only employees who are required will be expected to report for work.

NOTE: Certain employees are required to report to work when inclement weather has prompted a campus closure. Employees should check with their supervisors who will identify those employees required to report to work. More information on MU’s campus closure policies can be found at the below links: