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University of Missouri

Campus is operating under normal conditions

This is the official University of Missouri emergency alert website.

If you have received a text and/or email alert message recently and are seeking additional information, we are currently obtaining and confirming information from first responders; it typically takes a few minutes to confirm accurate information. Continue to take appropriate precautions, including being aware of your surroundings, locking your doors or going to a safe place. As more information is available or is confirmed, additional texts or emails will be sent.

So that phone systems do not become overloaded, please do not call MUPD as they are working hard to confirm facts and maintain the safety of the campus. 

Students, please call your parents to assure them that you are safe. Please do not distribute unconfirmed information or rumors, or post or pass along rumors on social media.

Safety is the university's top priority, and we are working hard to assure that the campus remains safe while information is obtained and confirmed. Thank you.

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