Weather Closures

Update on Inclement Weather Policies

In order to reduce interruptions caused by severe inclement weather,  the university will shift to remote working and learning when needed, rather than closing campus.

As has been the university’s practice, whenever possible, MU will stay open for business and on-campus instructional activities during winter weather. On those days, employees and students are expected to exercise judgement when deciding if they can travel safely to campus. Each individual’s circumstance will be different; therefore, it’s important that supervisors and instructors facilitate conversations to determine what options exist for their teams or classes in the event they cannot make it to campus.

Several campus departments and health facilities often operate regardless of the weather. Find links to status updates from MU Health Care hospitals and clinics, the Veterinary Health Center, the MU Student Center, Ellis Library, Student Recreation Complex, Campus Dining services and more. Some of these areas may continue in-person operations even when the campus shifted to remote work and teaching, so please look for updates.

Announcement Regarding Changes in Operations

The campus community will be notified if there is a change in campus status due to severe weather. Officials will:

  • Issue an MU Alert, triggering a text message to all registered cellphone numbers and an email to the campus community.
  • Post information to the Mizzou homepage.
  • Post information to Mizzou’s social media channels.
  • Inform local media outlets.
  • Strive to provide campus status by 6 a.m. on weather-affected weekdays.

Remote work and classes

Under severe weather conditions, university officials may open campus late, close campus early, or close campus and UM System office buildings for an entire day. Even if campus is not open, classes and work will continue, ensuring that students can make academic progress and productivity is maintained.

Employees will fall into four categories during an inclement weather event:

  • Those who aren’t required to work on-site and will telework from home or another location.
  • Those who cannot carry out their duties through telework and who are instructed that they are not required to work on-site will be compensated.
  • Those who are required to telework and choose not to must take paid time off — either personal or vacation days.
  • Those who are non-exempt (hourly) and are required to work on-site may be eligible to receive premium pay; those who are required to work on-site and choose not to will need to take paid time off — either personal or vacation days.

Procedures to Follow During Severe Weather

The university recognizes that severe weather could affect an employee’s ability to travel to and from work. Time missed due to inability to travel to work, late arrival or early departure because of inclement weather will be accounted for in accordance with the procedures below.

When employees are delayed or prevented from reporting to work, they should make every reasonable effort to notify their supervisor/work site as soon as possible in accordance with department procedure.

University employees should talk to their supervisor about their leave options in the event they are unable to work.

NOTE: Faculty and staff should reach out to their HR professional if they have questions about these policies. More information on MU’s campus closure policies can be found here: