Shots Fired

Sept. 29, 2017


All available information is that both shooting victims, who are being treated at a local hospital, are not MU Students. Columbia Police will continue to investigate this case. It is anticipated that there will be no further updates to this website on this situation unless there is information obtained that affects our campus. There continues to be no known threat to the MU campus.


MUPD continues to monitor the situation being investigated by the Columbia Police Department. There continues to be no indication that there is a threat to the MU Campus. As information is confirmed, this site will be updated.


It does not appear that any of the shooting victims are MU Students. As soon as this is confirmed this website will be updated. Columbia Police continue their investigation into this shooting.


Columbia Police continue to investigate the shooting. At the present time there is no indication that there is a threat to MU Campus


Columbia Police are investigating shots fired possible two subjects shot at Copper Beach Town Homes. A possible suspect vehicle is a grey Nissan 4 door SUV driving west on Grindstone Blvd.

This is the official University of Missouri emergency alert website. Whenever an emergency occurs that affects the university community, this website will be updated as quickly as possible with the most current, confirmed information. Please check here for official information. So that phone systems do not become overloaded, please do not call MUPD as they are working hard to confirm facts and maintain the safety of the campus. We are in touch with them as they work through the process and will update this website as quickly as information is received and confirmed.

Please do not distribute unconfirmed information or rumors or post or pass along rumors on social media outlets. Safety is the university’s top priority, and we are working hard to assure that the campus remains safe while information is obtained and confirmed.

Students, please call your parents to assure them that you are safe. Thank you.