Steps for the General Public to Receive Alerts

Parents, community members and others who do not have an account with the university can sign up for alerts in two ways.

If you have any issues with either of these services, contact the Division of IT Help Desk at 573-882-5000 and someone will assist you.

Text messaging

The quickest and easiest way to receive messages from the MU Alert system is to text GetMUalerts to the number 67283.

You should receive a message confirming your phone number has been added to the system.

You can stop receiving alerts via text message by texting STOP GetMUAlerts to that same number.

Additional messaging options

In addition to text messaging the general public can sign up for email alerts through the Smart911 service. It is important to read carefully and choose the link below that applies to you to set up alerts from Smart911 properly.

If you already have a Smart911 account and receive alerts through your local community, you must login with this link to set up alerts from the university.

If you do not have a Smart911 account you can register for alerts from the university by setting up a new account with this link.